Friday, September 20


As you know from the announcement just below this one, students will be permitted to participate in today’s “Climate Strike” by walking out of school at lunchtime and attending the march and rally at Foley Square and Battery Park.

HOWEVER — WE ARE EXPECTING ALL STUDENTS TO ATTEND MORNING CLASSES, ARRIVING AT SCHOOL AT 8:30 AM. We will also have afternoon activities for those students who choose to stay in school.

Wednesday, September 18

About the Climate Strike, Friday, Sept. 20

As you may have heard, activists have been planning a “Climate Strike” for this Friday, September 20, 3 days before the start of the UN Climate Summit. The call is for students to leave school early, arriving at Foley Square (in downtown Manhattan, by the court houses) at noon, and then march to Battery Park where there will be a rally featuring various speakers. Mayor De Blasio has announced that any student with parental permission to attend must be permitted to do so (and that was our policy already).

Some students have been organizing (there is a sign-making lunch planned for today), and we do expect that a substantial number of students will be participating on Friday.

if you give permission to your child to participate in the strike, please email or send in a note tomorrow or Friday. You should know that we are unable to prevent students from leaving the building even if they do not have permission to do so. After lunch on Friday, we will send an email to the parent of any child who has not returned from lunch, so that you will be aware they are not in the building.

We will have afternoon activities for those students who choose to remain in the school, although we will dismiss them a little early.

Tuesday, September 17

4 Items

  1. Our first Parent Meeting of the year is scheduled for tonight at 6 pm. (You should have received an email more than a week ago; our texting system is just getting back on line now.) The meeting will be an orientation for parents of new Urban students, but all are welcome (and any topic can be raised), and it’s helpful to have some parents of returning students to provide a parent perspective on the school.

  2. College Day is September 24. This is a mandatory school day. Teachers will be taking groups of students to local colleges for a tour, to meet with alums who attend the schools, and to give students a sense of the different types of colleges they may want to attend after graduation. Please make sure your child understands that this is NOT an optional day.

  3. Please try to schedule medical appointments during after school hours or on days when school is not in session. Clearly, for sick visits you take whatever time you are offered. But for visits you are scheduling in advance, we ask that you schedule them after school or on days off. We need to have students in class every day.

    1. Some upcoming dates when students don’t have school (good for appointments):

      1. Friday, September 27 — 2nd day of registration. Students will have independent work but no scheduled classes.

      2. Monday and Tuesday, September 30&October 1 — Rosh Hashanah — Schools are closed.

      3. Monday, October 14 — Indigenous People’s Day (formerly Columbus Day). Schools are closed.

      4. Tuesday, November 5 — Election Day. No school for students.

      5. Tuesday, November 11 — Veterans Day. Schools are closed.

  4. Please check your emails on a regular basis. When students are not in school, we notify parents using the email address you gave us when your child began at Urban. If you have a new address to provide, please send it to us at If you didn’t receive an email announcing the first parent meeting, please let us know by sending us an email there with the subject line, “Please add me to the email list.” Thank you.

Friday, August 30

Hello everyone! We are genuinely looking forward to seeing you next week — it’s been a nice summer, but it’s time to fill this place up with students again.

2 Things:

  1. Return dates — in case you didn’t receive the letter we sent a few weeks ago. The following categories of students should come back to school at the following dates and times:

    1. Conditional Seniors — 12 pm on Thursday, September 5

    2. New students (just joining Urban this semester) — 1 pm on Thursday, September 5

    3. Everyone else — 12:30 on Friday, September 6

  2. Summer photos — we’d love to put up some images of what you did this summer. If you have photos you’d like to share, please email them to by Monday, September 2. (The photos should include you (and others, if you’d like) doing something or going somewhere interesting in the city or outside it.)

If you are confused about when you should start (or anything else), please give us a call at 212.570.5284 or email

See you soon!

Monday, July 22


If you have any questions regarding paperwork you’ve received from your chosen colleges, or what next steps are, or anything else regarding your colleges, Byron will be in school on Wednesdays for the next few weeks. You can drop by and see him (he’ll be here 8am-4pm) or you can give him a call at 212.570.5284.

If you are confused or nervous about something you received in the mail (or email), or if you just have questions, ask Byron for help.