Thursday, May 16

FIELD DAY IS ON!!! IT’S HAPPENING TOMORROW! Students should plan on being here at 8:30 in the morning so we can head over to Corona Park together.

It will be a fun day of silly-but-slightly-competitive activies, like an egg toss, a 3-legged race, hanging out with friends (and maybe talking to people you haven’t talked to before).

Students are expected to be there! Please help get them out the door in clothes that they can run around in.

Thank you!

onday, May 13

Urban’s Phone Policy — it’s too long to put in this post, but you can read it here, if you’d like. We are referencing it today because we’ve had a number of students coming out of classes to take calls or answer texts from family members, and we wanted to make sure all members of the school community understand our policy.

Students are NOT allowed to have or use their phones in classes or during class time, even when they leave the class room. (Especially when they leave the classroom, actually, as we don’t want students coming and going for the purpose of using their phones.)

If family members need to reach a student during the school day, the best (and only way) is to call the school at 212.570.5284 and ask whomever answer the phone to get your child from class and bring them to the office.

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping the distraction of phones to a minimum during class times.

May 6

Please check your emails!

We send these text-link announcements every so often, but we email home notices that your child was absent every time that happens, and it is helpful for us if you reply letting us know whether the absence was excused or not.

We will be sending home lateness announcements starting today — you will be notified in email if your child arrives after 8:45. Our attendance at 8:30 has been far below what we would like, and it is impacting classes that meet first period, since they cannot really begin until there are enough students present. (Of course, it also impacts the grades of those who are late, and if they are unable to pass enough classes and complete enough work because they are late or absent too frequently, it may also push back their date of graduation.)

We are asking for your help in getting your kids out of the door on time in the morning.

Thank you.


Thursday, March 28


College Roadmap - The Final Steps!


  • In addition to college decisions, you should have received financial aid packages from every college.  Review these packages thoroughly for what the real cost is for each program - including loans, upfront payments and payment plans.  (If you need help, schedule a meeting - with or without your parents present - to go over your award letters with the college financial aid counselors)

  • Attend Accepted Students Days and set up visits to colleges you are deciding between.

  • If you were offered SEEK, EOP or HEOP spots, decide quickly - these spots are not guaranteed and fill up quickly.

  • Keep up with your school work!  Colleges can withdraw offers . . . and you also want to complete any final graduation requirements

  • Attend Urban discussion sessions on preparing to transition to college

  • Enter your college acceptances (and rejections) into Naviance  (It helps us better advise future seniors)


  • May 1st is Universal Decision Day.  Submit your deposit and commitment letter to the college you plan on attending.

  • Tell your college counselor where you are going!  We have to send your transcripts after graduation.

  • Fill out any required paperwork - immunizations, housing choices etc.

Summer before Freshman Year

  • Make any required payments

  • Attend orientation programs

  • Arrange for transportation to school

  • Register for classes

Fall:  Congratulations! You are in college; please stay in touch!

Questions or Confusions? Call or email Andrea, Kevin, Rachel W, Rachel B or Byron.WeThu