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How To Apply: 3-Step Process

Step One: Visiting

Before anything else, the student must visit Urban for half of a school day. The student, a parent or guardian can call the school to make an appointment for a visit. We do insist that students visit on their own. If a parent would like to visit, he or she can come to a parent orientation at another time.

During the visit, the student will sit in on three classes. He or she also has a chance to talk to students who already attend Urban. The visit is really an opportunity for the student to see if Urban is, in fact, the kind of school that he or she would like to attend.

At the end of the visit, the student will receive an application.

Step Two: The Take-Home Application

The student must complete the application at home. This application consists of several essays and other written assignments. Although the work should be the assignments, we don't mind if he or she gets assistance with it.

Step Three: The Interview

The student comes back for an interview. During the interview, the student will complete an in-school application. This application contains more essays, some math problems and other written assignments. There is not time limit on how long the student can take, although 2-3 hours is about average. During that time, the student will have an interview with the admissions director along with another teacher and/or a student.

The student will also be expected to provide a copy of a high school transcript that that time. Once these three steps have been completed, a committee makes a decision based on the student's application, his or her transcript, and the number of spaces that we have open.

-- Parent Participation --

Certainly parents (and guardians and other relatives, of course) are welcome to visit Urban Academy. Parent Orientations are held approximately every 3 weeks. Parents are given a tour and some background on the school. There is also a question/answer session. If they are interested, they can also sit in on a class. (We only ask that they remain for the whole class as leaving early can be very disruptive.) Parent orientations last for about 1 hour.

Parents who would like to come to an orientation, should call for an appointment.

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