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Julia Richman Education Complex

The Julia Richman Education Complex

In 1993, Julia Richman closed to entering freshmen so the work to convert the large, impersonal high school to small schools could begin. Located in Manhattan, the district was large enough to house the students in other schools for the two years it took to reconfigure the building. During this time students could attend one of a handful of small schools located outside the school building. In 1995, these schools moved into what is now known as the Julia Richman Education Complex.

Today, the complex houses approximately 1,900 students in six small schools. There are four high schools: Urban Academy; Talent Unlimited, a performing arts school; Manhattan International High School, which serves new immigrants; and Vanguard High. A K-8 school and a middle school for autistic students completes the group.

The schools are autonomous, each having its own budget, teachers, schedules, and curriculum. While each school has its own separate space within the complex, the schools share a number of common facilities, which include a library, cafeteria, auditorium, ceramics studio, culinary arts room, dance studio, mini theater, art gallery, swimming pool and gymnasiums.

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