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Here you will find information on a bunch of opportunities —ACTIVITIES, INTERNSHIPS, SCHOLARSHIPS, & JOBS— for high school students. Some are free, some pay you, and some you have to pay for (read official description of program).

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14th St Y's New Country Day Camp

If you will be in Brooklyn from the end of June through the end of August and love the outdoors and working with children, read on!

You will be trained to supervise activities like swimming, hiking, camp games, instructional activities, mealtimes, and have general childcare responsibilities. Counselors must be mature, responsible, accountable, enthusiastic, and highly motivated since you will be a role model for younger children.

Counselor in Training (students who are 14/15 years old) — Throughout the summer, you will gain valuable work experience through being a role model to our campers. CITs will also go through weekly professional development in areas such as communication, collaborating with coworkers, and general child-care techniques. If you love the outdoors, working with children, and are looking for workplace experience, this is the job for you! To apply for this job, please click here.

Group Counselor (students 16+) — Counselors are enthusiastic, highly motivated, creative, and responsible role models who are directly responsible for the well-being of campers at New Country Day Camp. Candidates should be friendly, warm and passionate about working in a high-energy, outdoor camp environment and have previous, demonstrable experience working with children. To apply for this job, please click here.

• Support Specialist (18+) — Support Specialists work directly alongside our group counselors and are more closely responsible for the well-being of campers with special needs (e.g. mild to moderate ASD, ADHD, mood or anxiety disorders) in a fully inclusive camp setting. Candidates should have demonstrated experience or interest in working with children who have special needs. To apply for this job, please click here.

Click here for more information about the New Country Day Camp.

by Byron Chamorro