Internships and Jobs

Here you will find information on a bunch of opportunities for high school students. Some are free, some pay you, and some you have to pay for (read official description of program).

Kevin will hold a follow-up meeting for students who would like support in applying for any internships they are interested in, and you can also talk to your tutorial teacher during tutorial.

Hunter Summer 2019 College Now

DEADLINE: May 10th — Late applications will not be accepted

The best part of this program is that the courses, the books, your transportation, and even lunch are all FREE! One college class costs around $1,000 (paid for by the program) for you to be able to earn some college credits before you graduate high school! The Institute will have two components:

  1. Earn college credits in Physics, Epidemiology, Chemistry, Geology, or Statistics.

  2. Each credit class will be connected with a non-credit Summer Enrichment Activity (SEA) in the morning that will be fun, exciting, and will complement your credit class experience.

by Byron Chamorro