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A Great Way To Learn

Urban Academy is committed to helping all students achieve the highest standards. To that end, classes have multi-aged, heterogenous groupings.

Each semester, students select classes from the Course Catalog on the basis of their interests, past courses and experiences, progression towards graduation and skill level - not solely on their grade level.

Every student must participate in Community Service on Wednesday afternoons. This participation permits students to learn about careers and college opportunities through real-life experiences. At their placements, students learn how to work with adults productively, assume responsibility for tasks both menial and challenging, and report back to the school community about their placement and its focus.

Rather than taking AP classes, which are designed to simulate college courses, many students also take college courses at Hunter College or at Eugene Lang College at New School Unversity. Each semester, approximately 12% of our students are enrolled in college level foreign language, literature, social science and math classes. These students receive transferrable college credit for taking these courses.

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