Multi-Aged Classes

One of the unique features of Urban Academy is the multi-aged nature of its classes.

Students from freshmen to seniors take courses together with vibrant discussion at the center of every class. In this way, new students bring a fresh perspective and learn important discussion skill from those who are seasoned members of the community.. In this way, Urban Academy is more like a college environment than a traditional high school.

In Urban’s discussion-based classes, everyone’s contribution is valued, regardless of age or grade.  All of our classes are multi-age and multi-grade: a sophomore and a senior might be sitting next to each other in a social studies class on constitutional law, a junior and a senior might be working together in a trigonometry class.

At Urban, student interest in a subject area and motivation to do the assignments are the prerequisites.

Urban also considers students’ needs. If a student needs help in a particular subject area, maybe math, or has fallen behind in certain academic areas, perhaps critical reading, then the teachers will help that student find the classes best suited to his or her needs. All classes are designed to challenge students, involve them in serious study of texts, guide them in the writing of high level critical essays, and engage them in lively discussions and debate.